Not my Almost-Fries!

Ah, my dear comrades of absurdity, indulge me for a moment as I regale you with a tale of unyielding frustration. Picture this: a disheveled trailer, a weary soul, and a tantalizing meal from the sacred realm of Burkratus—yes, I speak of the fabled Almost-fries. Now, let me set the stage for you. There I […]

pieOS Woes.

Oh, the joy of dealing with HRAK-Burger pieOS dictation!   It’s like munching on a plate of “Almost-Fries” filled with surprises. So here’s the HRAK-Burger special: my speech-to-text is on the fritz, and not even the latest version or a good old phone restart can save the day. Picture this: I speak my mind, and […]

WordPull Woes Part II: A Rage-Inducing Encounter with Mitts and Elusive Supplies

Hey, folks! Fung here, ready to share another tale of frustration and irritation. This time, my boiling blood was directed at the absurdities of WordPull and a maddening conversation with Mitts at the corner store. Buckle up, because it’s about to get wild. But before I delve into the depths of my rage, let me […]

WordPull Woes: A Frustrating Journey with Arbitrary File Size Limits

  Hey there, folks! Fung here, and boy, do I have a rant for you today.   You see, I recently embarked on a noble quest to set up my very own blog on WordPull, the supposedly user-friendly platform for aspiring writers. Little did I know, it would turn into a frustrating battle with their […]

Mitts and the Infamous Larry-Pie Fiasco: A Tale of Unparalleled Ignorance.

Get ready to witness the epitome of human idiocy, courtesy of our beloved Mitts and his infamous Larry-Pie disaster.   This twisted tale is bound to leave you questioning the sanity of our species. So put on your grumpy faces and grab a plate of those overpriced HRAK-Burgers and mediocre Mackin’ Smacks from the illustrious […]

Another one.

Yo, what’s up? I’m Fung, the guy who’s just tired of all the surreal BS happening around me. I live in this rusty teardrop trailer, and let me tell you, it ain’t exactly the lap of luxury. But hey, it’s my little slice of “home.” You know what really grinds my gears? Stephan Seagull. That […]

My Almost-Fries Were Cold

I’m so angry right now! I just went to Burgkratus, my favorite fast food joint, and ordered my usual HRAK-Burger and Almost-Fries. But when I got home and took a bite of my fries, they were cold! I mean, come on, Burgkratus. You’re supposed to be the best fast food joint in town. How can […]

The Toilet Paper Roll Attack

I can’t believe what just happened today. I tried to go to the bathroom like a normal person, but apparently, even that simple task is too much for the universe to handle. As I reached for the toilet paper roll, it suddenly came to life and started attacking me, trying to hit me in the […]


The other day, I was just trying to go to Burkratus and get some HRAK-Burgers and Almost-Fries, you know, the usual. But on my way there, I saw this huge billboard with Stephan Seagull’s smug face on it. He was promoting his new movie, “Hard to Swallow”. It’s supposed to be a romantic comedy, but […]