FusionKirby's (AKA Obsidiari's) Castle in the Sky

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FusionKirby's (AKA Obsidiari's) Castle in the Sky

Postby FusionKirby » Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:24 pm

This is my little Castle in the Sky, right next to (Or should I say, Above) Another user's House. Sadly, it's not near Spar's House, so whenever she gets on I can make a Summer Cottage right next to her place. XD

Still, I hope I can get to create more. Perhaps make some dangerous challenges for people to compete for the golden Tower of Pimps. It's something the people over at Acheivement Hunter do, they play Minecraft on the Xbox 360/One to get the Tower of Pimps.
Also known as Obsidiari on the Server!

I have an in-game Brewery/Shop! Always buying and selling items for really low prices!

Current Shop State: -CLOSED- (Finding new Brewing stand, Finding new location to set up)

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